Ring Sizing


Our rings come in standardized sizes of small, medium and large and we use the British / Australian alphabetical sizing system. Generally speaking we consider the following:


  • K and L to be small
  • M to be small to medium
  • N and O to be medium 
  • P and Q to be large
If you require a particular size feel free to contact us to request a size. Special size requests are free of charge in most cases (in case of Gold jewellery or if the size is unique we require a small fee). 


What's my ring size?

The most accurate way to measure your ring size is to go to a local jewellery store or jeweller and ask to get your finger sized. If you cannot do this measure the circumference and diameter of a ROUND ring that fits you and compare it on the Ring Sizing chart provided below.


What if I order the wrong ring size?

If you have ordered the wrong size and you need to re-size, this will incur a fee. Resizing rings are kind of like a tailor re-tailoring a dress or a jacket, there is a lot of work. This is why we recommend our customers going to a jewellery store or jeweller to get their finger professionally sized if they are unsure. Special size orders may take up to 10 working days to make. Before you decide on a size please note that your finger will always change in it's size, depending on the weather and the time of day. It will shrink a little in cold climates and swell in the heat, so it's best to measure it during neutral climates, rather than in extremes.


Tips for buying rings as a present or surprise

Borrow his/her ring (from the correct finger) and use the ring measurements below to determine its size or take it to a local jeweller to get it sized. All of our rings are in Australian sizes.


International Ring Sizing Conversion Chart

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